quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2022

Maria Madalena

São tão lindas estas palavras do Padre Paulo Duarte, que dá vontade de eterniza-las para sempre. 

terça-feira, 13 de setembro de 2022

The Queen died and my King too


Today died my cat. My love. Oh, I love him so much, and he loved me too. I know... I just know...

9 years were very few with you sweetheart, I thought we would have much more. So much more... I think I said goodbye to you and you to me too, but dear... I still am afraid you were missing me and afraid this morning and that made your health worse... Baby, I was always with you in the heart. I left you there for you being cured yesterday and today I went pick you, my baby... 🌸

Hope you be in a better place than this world... Dear... If all is true, and life exists after this, you have to come say me hello somehow... I will feel you... I just would like to feel you baby, our hugs, you understand. 💙 Will you protect me the same, my angel?

You were always my cure. My rest and peace. So good and pure our love. Only we understand. I love you baby. And I always will.

We should be happy and enjoy this lifetime... Because we never know... And life is great, make us feel this kind of love, each second of our love was great. I am very thankfull for all the time we shared.

Love you for eternity. Be happy in another dimensions, don't stay here because of me... Just send blue light for my protection some times... Will we meet?