sexta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2019

Summer love

I close my eyes
And feel your salty lips
I reach out my hands
And hear your voice
Mingle with the waves
Lapping on the shore
Memories linger
Like tenuous beads of crystal dew
On silk-strand cobwebs
And beads of sea water
Caught in your hair
And glinting in the sun
Our love is the concentric ripples
Of pebbles lobbed
As we play ducks and drakes
And our laughter
Echoes across this corner
Of the Mediterranean
Each grain of sand
Shimmering in the sun
On a halcyon day
Is a precious moment
We have shared
Basking in forever
My love for you
Is infinite as the horizon
My wishes, hopes, and dreams
Are sunbeams swirling and darting
Amidst spun sugar clouds
In the aquamarine reflections on the sea
You are all my tomorrows
I love you